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An AI Solution that

AI Solutions

Feeling pressure to deliver the benefits of AI for your organization? Is there a tendency for stakeholders to develop siloed initiatives for their own use cases, leading to operational inefficiencies, security, and data governance concerns with increased costs?

Welcome to NeoScale,TM a fully integrated AI platform that offers the exact scalability, standardization, and security your organization needs. Designed to operate on-prem and within your control, NeoScaleTM is the AI platform for your business.










Why not just develop my own solution?

Partnering with NeoScaleTM ensures access to specialized knowledge and experience that significantly accelerates the development process and enhances the quality of your final product. We bring a deep understanding of emerging technologies, best practices, and industry standards, which saves your company from costly trial-and-error.

Ultimately, partnering with NeoScaleTM leads to a more robust, efficient, and competitive AI solution, providing a higher return on investment and a quicker path to market success.

AI Services

Accelerate your time to success with NeoScaleTM AI Services. Delivered by an award-winning software developer and solutions integrator for top data center networking suppliers, NeoScaleTM services include:

  • Data preparation
  • Enterprise model creation and fine tuning
  • Model ingestion
  • Infrastructure deployment and automation

NeoScaleTM mitigates the risks associated with complex AI implementations and allows your internal team to focus on core business functions, maximizing overall productivity and innovation. Our AI experts bring a deep understanding of emerging technologies, best practices, and industry standards, which saves your company from costly trial-and-error.

So, if you’re looking for efficiency and speed with reliable expertise and quality, allow NeoScaleTM to design and deploy a scalable AI-ready infrastructure that allows your solutions to grow with your business needs.


model creation

Enterprise model
fine tuning




About Us

Powered by VZURE Solutions, NeoScaleTM is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed to help small, medium, and large organizations fulfill their AI and automation goals. In this new era of AI, NeoScaleTM transforms organizations faster with an on-premises solution that is safe and secure, scalable, and standardized across the enterprise.

VZURE (VEE-ZHURE) has specialized in implementation, consulting, and integration services to help customers quickly adopt Data Center and Cloud Networking Solutions from leading Silicon Valley suppliers for over 15 years. With VZURE, you benefit from the ongoing research, development, and artificial intelligence expertise of Cisco’s Mentored Implementation (MINT) and Digital Solutions Integrator (DSI) Partner of the Year 2023.

As a services-only Partner, we don’t compete with Resellers and Distributors- we partner with them as our Red Badge engineers treat each customer engagement as a mentoring opportunity. This is the role of a VZURE, which loosely translated, is a wise and trusted advisor.

VZURE Solutions

“Partnering with VZURE has led to a powerful turnaround with this major governmental agency and reinforces the value of our DSI Partner, VZURE Solutions.”

Product Sales Specialist,
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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